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Why study the Saito method of conducting?

We believe that those who have developed technique based on Hideo Saito's analysis of conducting gestures are better able to express their artistic ideas.  Further, they are are trusted and respected more by the performers because their musical intentions are clear and they make it easy to navigate complex passages. They have fewer, if any, physical problems caused by conducting motions.  Their gestures express what words cannot.

The Saito method of conducting provides a comprehensive way to develop baton technique and deep insight into ways that gesture elicits and shapes musical sounds. It is based on the analysis of conducting gestures begun by Hideo Saito and continued by Morihiro Okabe and Wayne Toews. The techniques are fundamental to all styles of conducting and enhance both the precision and expressive performance of any ensemble. The foundation of the technique is the appropriate use of acceleration and deceleration in the gestures.

Students learn gesture types not taught in other methods, especially combinations of Into-point and From-point motions. By developing and using the muscles correctly, the motions are efficient and easy to use, assuring that long periods of conducting don’t cause harm.

Students of the method learn a broad range of gestures and how they communicate with the performers. Students conduct musical sounds produced by human beings.  By combining the gesture types, conductors can express the most complex musical ideas and can apply multiple solutions to each conducting problem.

The techniques elevate the performance of all types of ensembles, amateur and professional.

Conductors using the Saito method techniques feel empowered to guide their ensembles to perform consistently with precision and artistry. These conductors possess a vast range of solutions to the “in the moment” challenges that inevitably arise.

The acquisition of these techniques saves precious rehearsal time and develops the confidence to assist any ensemble in producing the highest possible level of performance.

Why study with Wayne Toews and the instructional team?

Wayne Toews and the instructional team of George Charpentier and collaborating pianists provide focused and comprehensive instruction in a supportive atmosphere. Mr. Toews has distilled and adapted Saito's ideas to present the concepts clearly and make them both easily understood and applicable to different learning styles.  Mr. Toews uses his intimate knowledge of the Saito method along with more than 45 years of experience in conducting professional and amateur orchestras, choirs, bands and jazz ensembles to assist students learn quickly and thoroughly. Mssrs Toews and Charpentier have worked together for more than 30 years. The team can quickly detect problems and offer multiple solutions to accommodate individual artistic choices.

We believe that we can help you to achieve your artistic goals.  Ask how.

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