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Music of Wayne Toews

Concert Band

Welcome (2015) for young band            Sample score in PDF

Nostalgia (2015) for young band            Sample score in PDF

Headin' Home (2015) for young band    Sample score in PDF

Joust (2020)                                           Sample score in PDF

Strolling the Meewasin Trail   (2020)      Sample score in PDF

Oracle  (2014)                                        Sample score in PDF

Canadian Celebration (2015)                 Sample score in PDF

Patches (2015)

Rei Momo (King of Carnaval (rev 2015)   Sample score in PDF

Reminiscence (2015)

Round Trip  (2020)                                   Sample score in PDF

Starry Night Fantasy   the windchime part won't play properly - the tambourine sounds instead

Sunshine Day (2014)           Sample score in PDF

Transitions for solo trombone and band (2015)


Ovation  Dedicated to George Charpentier to celebrate his distinguished Band Director Award,  2006

Clarinet Resource Book (click to download PDF file)

Clarinet Choir

Cup Caper (Elementary)

Licorice (Intermediate)

Whirling Dance

Saxophone Quartet


Brass Quintet


Trumpet & Trombone duet

Full Sail and Dancing




Rage and Rapture


Mountain Echo

Snowshoe Waltz


Percussion Warm-Ups (click to download the PDF file)

Two Jazz Dances for Xylophone

Woodwind Quintet

Structures I, II, II ,IV & V

Structure VI The River

Band Arrangements

Mona Island by Jack Johnson

Samiotisa - Greek Dance

Resources for Electric and Double Bass (click to download the PDF files)

Fretboard chart (32K)

Bb major scale 1 - photos of finger placement (812K)

Bb major scale 2 (28K)

Bourees 1 & 2 by J. S. Bach (32K)

Bass Guitar worksheet (24K)

Bass resources list (40K)


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