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Resources for Band, Choir and Orchestra students and teachers

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Music of Wayne Toews

String Orchestra

Two String Pieces


     ... peaceful final thoughts (previously titled Ratul)

YouTube video - the Rivers Conservatory String Ensemble under the direction of Magdalena Richter

A Child's First Steps (2017)

Barroco Nuovo (2019)


Everyone Loves Music (2017)

Freedom Dance - dedicated to Dan Brennan

Full Sail and Dancing - latin rhythms

La Folia Fantasy (2016)

Medieval Dance (2015) for young violin quartet or 3 violins and cello

Moshi, Moshi (2016)

Plausus (2019)

Prairie Wind (2017)

Prism (2015)

Pursuit (2016)

Red Licorice (2016) - mixed ensemble with recorder

Reflected (2019)

Saskatoon Shines - in swing

Shadow Play (2015)

Smarch Polka (2017)

Storm (2016)

Through Shadow to Light (2019)

Whirling Dance (2016)

Full Orchestra

Canadian Spirit

Contemplating Clouds on a Prairie Sky  (2017)

'makwala (Moonlight on a Lake) (2017)

Theme & Distractions

Solos, Duets etc.

A is for Asher - elementary violin duet

Adventure - elementary violin duet or violin and alto saxophone

Brazilian Baroque - for violin trio with optional beginner part

Dancing on the Arioso - string duet

First Light - elementary duet for two violins or violin and alto saxophone

Hornpipe (Dedicated to Toby Bond) - violin, viola or cello solo

Jig for violin or viola or cello

Celebration for violin or viola

Song for Bill (dedicated to Bill Dutka)- duet

Tangled for viola and piano (2016)

Trio for violin, viola & cello

Remembering you - flute or violin and cello

Bounce - elementary violin or viola duet

Elegance - elementary violin or viola duet



Corelli Gavotte - violin trio

Corelli Gigue - violin trio

Corelli Largo - violin trio

Corelli Sarabande - violin trio

Li Spring Festival Overture - String Quartet with String Orchestra (2017)

Vivaldi Gloria - strings with choir and band (2017)


Music of Jack Johnson arr. by W. Toews

Mona Island for full orchestra

Slavic Dance from Heritage Suite for string orchestra

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Resources for Electric and Double Bass - click on the name to download the PDF.

Fretboard chart (32K)

Bb major scale 1 - photos of finger placement (812K)

Bb major scale 2 (28K)

Bourees 1 & 2 by J. S. Bach (32K)

Bass Guitar worksheet (24K)

Bass resources list (40K)


Resources for violin and viola

Violin 3 octave scale fingerings (28K)

Viola 3 octave scale fingerings (28K)


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