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A new song for 2020!

My wish to my family and friends:

Click on the title to hear the computer-generated audio file. Watch the music while listening

May Your Heart Be Filled With Joy

A warm wish for a weird time

May your heart be filled with joy, 

Twenty twenty

This year has been real strange, real strange

We wear masks, wash our hands and stay a apart.

Now that we have vaccines. 

There is hope There is now hope!

May all now be safe!

We have been reminded that every day is precious.

We think of the lonely and those we've lost.

Now we hope for a time when friends can see each other

 and families have some time to share together!

May your days be filled with fun and laughter

May your heart be filled with joy!

Those who know Morse Code may be able to detect the rhythm of the letters for
      COVID SUCKS in code woven through the lines of the first ten measures.

Click HERE to download the PDF of the music for the 2020 version


Follow this link to hear the City Park Concert Band Christmas recordings from the early 1970s.

Best wishes for good health and happiness

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Page created December 17, 2020